My Journey Through Weight loss and Loving Myself

When I first started my weight loss journey the goal was to get skinny. I’d say things like “I’m so fat I just need to get skinny and maybe i’ll be happy with myself.” Over the course of the year I’ve finally come to the point in my life where I understand the difference between being healthy and being skinny. A little over a year, 44 lbs and 7 pant sizes later.. I am happier, healthier and more confident than I ever could have imagined. HEALTHY should of been my day 1 goal but my mind was a clouded mess at the beginning of all of this. Two babies under 2 years apart.. my body not bouncing back. I didn’t take care of myself after I had my daughter and even though I was breastfeeding (where they say you should lose weight) I gained it. I felt horrible. I was INSANELY self conscious and tore myself apart all the time. I constantly get asked what I did to lose all the weight. I wish I could tell you I took this miracle pill while sitting on the couch drinking soda, eating whatever the F I want and watching netflix for the passed year and that caused me to lose 40 lbs (wouldn’t that be nice.) But what I can do is tell you what I’ve changed and things that have helped it along.

DO IT FOR YOUUURRRSELFF. There were so many times I would start weight loss challenges because OTHER people were doing them, or I would binge eat sushi or pizza and then say “omg I’m going on a diet tomorrow” LOL and never start when I would claim I started. never. YOU will never take action unless you are truly fed up with the way you feel. Not only was I fed up with the way I looked but the way I felt about myself + the lack of energy I had to put towards the two most important people in my life everyday? Non existent. My kids deserved more. I deserved more. For years I kept saying “I’ll start tomorrow” and around this time last year I really took myself serious.

A few things that have worked for me

Finding a intermittent fasting routine and sticking with it. If you are struggling with excess weight in your core and legs, try this. My schedule was 8pm-12 am every single day and when I would wake up and do my kids school run I’d drink black iced coffee w/ stevia and thats it until noon. The trick during your fasting is zero calories and zero sugars. The first few days are always the hardest, especially if you are used to having breakfast in the mornings or consuming a coffee thats 300 calories on its own lol. *cough starbucks beverages cough.* totally guilty. You might feel a little bit sick or have a headache but its your body detoxing from the sugars and trying to figure out wtf kind of schedule your putting it on haha. Stick to at least 16 hour days fasting and you will see amazing, QUICK results. Do all the research yourself on the benefits and why you should do it. you would be amazed.

Another one is Apple Cider Vinegar capsules. Apple Cider Vinegar we all know has amazing benefits but I was so inconsistent with taking it because I hated the taste. I bought ACV capsules from my local grocery store and started on them a few months back and also saw immediate results with my skin, hair and my bloating. My skin was brighter, my hair was stronger and thicker and my bloating was completely gone. These were AMAZING for my digestive system.. and they have zero taste.

Choose better eating habits. A lot of people have asked if I do keto anymore. No, I don’t have and I haven’t for probably over 6 months. After doing research.. Long term, I don’t believe its good for you. It also got difficult making meals for the kids, then something for Matt, then making my keto meal for myself. I do eat low carb and hardly eat sugar.. If i need to sweeten something its with stevia. I barely eat bread, and I eat cauliflower rice with like EVERYTHING lol. I eat lean meats, vegetables, and will substitute the cauliflower rice for rice or mashed potatoes, endless options and you can make it super tasty.

Also, what are the thoughts you are feeding yourself daily? If you look in the mirror are you telling yourself how disgusting you look? picking apart every single little thing wrong with you? Wishing you looked like so and so and maybe you would be happier? Thats what I did daily. literally daily. I listened to a couple of podcasts about empowerment and when I looked in the mirror I would tell myself I was beautiful in my own way, that I was a work in progress and I couldn’t wait to see the end result, that I was strong for carrying two babies and no matter what my body looked like, or how big my stretch marks were, I had two tiny humans that thought I was the most beautiful, best mama on the planet. If they could think that about me why couldn’t I? I swear once you get your mind right your goals start becoming easier.

I also drink 2.5 litres of water a day. Ill drink it plain or add a lemon sometimes. I lOVE this water bottle from Walmart. I bring it with me everywhere and literally can’t go a day without it. Drink your dang water!

Now were here. It’s so crazy the transformation that can happen in a year. I got up, took action, poured love into myself daily, worked on getting my mind right, released everything that didn’t make me happy, forgave & forgot, made myself a priority and blocked out negativity or negative thoughts towards myself and focussed on becoming the BEST possible mom and version of myself I can be. So excited for the next year and all it has it store for me! Thank you for reading. <3

4 thoughts on “My Journey Through Weight loss and Loving Myself

  1. You look amazing! Not only do you look healthy, but you look happy and that is so important! I’m so happy you decided to start a blog! You really are an inspiration 🙂

    1. Hey! i started off with just taking 2 daily.. 1 when i woke up and 1 when i went to bed.. now i take 2 when i wake up, and 2 at bedtime! 💕

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