Skincare Favourites + Products that actually WORK

First of all, Hiiii! I haven’t written a blog post in over a year. WOW, time flies. For the last 6 ish months ive been wanting to dive back into my blog but life at the end of the year has been so hectic with wedding planning, work, kids and their activities and just soaking up the rest of 2019. If you haven’t read my first two blog posts about co-parenting & my weight loss and the journey I was on to loving myself and becoming the best version of ME I could be, check them out. It’s January 1st, and I want to dive back into this platform because I truly enjoy writing as well as giving you guys a space to always refer back to. My Co-parenting post especially was featured on many blogs and websites after the fact so the fact that i ever stopped writing, makes me sad!

What better way to dive back into this than giving you what my MOST requested question is on all my socials. What my skincare routine is. Here I will give you guys a complete breakdown of the products I use the most, what there purpose is, where i got em’ and the full tea on what really WORKS.

I’ll start with cleanser. I wont go into detail on what i use to take my makeup off because that doesn’t really matter. If you use makeup wipes, remover on a cotton ball, or a makeup eraser cloth it doesn’t really matter. As long as you are PRE cleansing (not just taking off a full face of makeup with your cleanser one time and then slapping on moisturizer) then you are golden. Pro Tip: Double cleansing will change your life. This happens AFTER you remove your makeup. Now, I dont do this in the morning, its not really necessary. All you did was sleep. I incorporate double cleansing at nighttime to really get in there and remove all the dirt, debris and toxins from our day to day life. Right now, I am freakin’ lovingggggg the Sephora brand Cleanse + Tone cleanser. It is the dupe to the Drunk Elephant jelly cleanser! I bought this in a set in november so i wasn’t sure of the cost of the cleanser alone, and after a few weeks of using it i looked it up and the price FLOORED me. $14 and its AMAZING! Perfect texture, does what it says its going to do and its 99% clean ingredients. My other favourite cleanser is from trulycleansing. Their IG is @trulylifestylebrand and they are worth checking out! Based out of British Columbia. Love a Canadian brand and supporting a boss babe following her dreams! This is my morning cleanser and it wakes my face right up!

Every 3rd or so day i will go in with a exfoliator. This is CRUCIAL to an even skin tone so if you aren’t exfoliating your skin you need to get on it! (in the nicest way possible lol) I love this one from Acure. I picked it up from Winners but you can find on their website or amazon. Its amazing. I notice instant results with the softness, texture, and brightness in my skin. It has helped to brighten up my acne scarring and to diminish the redness. It is HARSH, so you don’t ever want to scrub too hard. But its one of those products that just works and everyone needs it in their routine.

After this step, i go right in with my Hylaronic acid from The Ordinary. I get constaaaant questions when i share this product asking what it’s for and what it does. Short form, it promotes healthier, more supple skin. Its good for ANY types of skin. Dry, combo, acne prone ect. It’s amazing for hydration, wrinkles, literally everything! I have acne prone/oily skin and for YEARS i constantly made it worse by using products that would dry it out and cause more harm. My skin was deeeeehrydrated and looked horrible. Now, I have a constant glow. I seriously swear by this stuff. The kicker: its $6. 6 DOLLARS. Run don’t walk. Sephora Online.

These sunshine drops by Drunk Elephant are a staple. You add them into your moisturizer and immediately you look sunkissed like you just got back from a week vacation. The amazing thing, you can add as much or as little as you want. I use this weekly because I spray tan weekly and my face fades way faster than my body does because of how much i wash and exfoliate. So this is easily one of my favourite products because you can have a tan in seconds. No fragrance and has never broken me out.

Now, anyone who runs on not enough sleep, wake up in the morning with puffy eyes or has a hard time “waking up” need this product. Tula’s glow and get it cooling and brightening eye balm is the product I never knew i needed. lol. I wake up with tired, puffy eyes every single morning and they used to last for hours. Seriously, I always looked tired. Not a good look. I leave this on my bedside table and its the first thing i apply under my eyes when my feet hit the floor. IT WORKS. Almost too good. It’s instantly cooling and you can feel your under eye de-puff. Its satisfying. I got it at Ulta! Us Canadians- it can be pricey because of the exchange.. but there just isn’t anything like it. Im the queen of dupes and for this you just need the real deal.

I saved the best for last! This product changed my skin. Iv’e been using it for months and months and the other night i noticed i was halfway through it and seriously gasped and put a reminder in my phone to order it LOL. TrulyClear. If you struggle with red bumps, texture, acne, white bumps, clogged pores, pores, wrinkles, scars, so basically if you have skin…….. this will be life changing! The woman that created it first brought it out in a roller bottle as a spot treatment and the feedback on the product was so amazing that she made big bottles of it to be used as a moisturizer all over. Its made with 2 ingredients. 2. Tea tree and grape seed oil. If you struggle with anything i mentioned above, invest in this. You will see overnight results and I will never not have this in my routine. It saved my skin!

If you made it this far, you the REAL MVP! I hope this was informing enough. I have tons more products that I incorporate into my routine but i am just sharing the ones that stand out the most and give you instant/overnight results. (That iv’e noticed.) Of course every skin is different, but these are all game changers- to me.

Let me know what else you want me to make a post about in the comments, I love reading them!


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    1. go to their IG @trulylifestylebrand
      click the link in their bio and then its the big bottle of 8oz spot treatment

  1. Which cleanser/moisturizer do you use in the morning? Or do you not wash your face in the morning?
    Super excited to try this routine 🙂

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